Astrid Giese-Zimmer (lurkerbunny) wrote in not_alikes,
Astrid Giese-Zimmer

New member here!

Hi, I just found out about this community while I was checking out what my friend hcshannon was up to. I'm glad she made this community, because, well, Robin Williams is my favorite actor (okay, favorite popular actor... I tend to prefer ones who aren't so famous, but anyway), so it really makes me mad when I do a Google Image Search, or video search, and get his impersonators: (This guy actually got sued for trying to pass himself off as the real thing! I don't know how anyone could make the mistake because the real Robin isn't that ugly!) (Okay, this guy I can kinda give a break to because he played Robin in an episode of Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job that was kinda funny. He still doesn't really look that much like him though)

Just because you're some hairy, rubberfaced guy doesn't mean you can successfully be Robin Williams! He's got lots of heart and lots of spirit and I doubt very much that these guys have it.
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