hcshannon (hcshannon) wrote in not_alikes,

The Worst Offender Yet!

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BWAAHAAHAA! He doesn't sound a thing like John Cleese. I can barely even understand him when he talks.

The best thing about this picture is that when I went to save it, it was titled "MIRROR," lol.

I didn't think I still had this picture on my computer, but lucky me, I just found it. It is my favorite impersonator photo EVER:

John Cleese impersonators are either the best thing in the world or the worst, I can't tell.

Funny thing is wrote this on his site...
"Spam - with just a little bit of egg in it - From Monty Python - The true inventor of the word, as we know it today"
Uh, try Hormel foods in the 1930s!